Welcome to the start of the blog page and journey that is A Note from the Beach.

It has been a long journey getting here.  In the last five years I have lost my mum together with two jobs due to restructuring and, I think, the Universe taking control.  The first job I lost a few months after my mum passed when I needed a break and the second one last Christmas – there had been signs that I should leave and move onto something better suited (like this blog page) for a few months before hand.

I have essentially spent the last year looking for work but also discovering who I am, who I am not, what I like and don’t like, how to dream again, how to believe in that dream, myself, my instincts, my path and my journey as well as starting to take my dream and myself seriously in order for my dream to become a reality.  I realised that I could start from where I was with what I had so I did.

The way I started to really discover who I am was getting in touch with who I used to be. I used to love to write stories, read stories, crochet, bake, garden, play board games on rainy days, walk on the beach whatever the weather. So I took up crocheting again, I went and bought some plants to look after; I started to write and read a lot more and walk along the beach.

Of course it’s all made a lot easier these days as we have apps to help us get back on track and stay that way.  A Google search will give you great suggestions for apps that will work for you or for any age group.

Another enormous source of inspiration has come from people who I admire such as Lisa Messenger.  I love Collective magazine and her book Purpose completely started to transform my life.  I now listen to Podcasts she suggested while I prepare and eat my breakfast and I watch the Ted Talks suggested while I eat my lunch.

One thing that came through loud and clear among all of these things was to let go of control and to stop pushing.  By pushing and trying to force things you actually push them away.  If you go with the flow and enjoy the journey, you will arrive at your destination quicker, happier and more relaxed.  You will also know which step to take next without having to pause – everything will just keep on flowing.

All of these things have helped me enormously to get to where I am now instead of just talking about getting to here.

I hope that this post helps and inspires in some way.

Stay safe and hang in there, you’ve got this.

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