Awesome Organics Store

Hi, how are you?  I hope you had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

This year I am officially getting organised with this blog page (as well as a lot of things but I’ll save that for my next post).  I have even done a short course on blogging so hopefully my posts will be a lot better and more organised.

My first blog back is only a short one about a great new store I found the other day.  The other day I caught the bus to a local shopping centre.  This was the first great part of my day.  I used to have to catch two buses to get there but now there’s just one bus that only takes half an hour that I need to catch and it leaves from around the corner.

The second great thing about the day is that I found a great organic bulk store, called Naked Foods.  There was such a fantastic variety of nuts, grains, flour, olive oil, sweeteners (including black strap molasses), tea, household products and sweets – about 99% of which were refined sugar-free.

To find your nearest Naked Foods visit see:-


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