It’s Been Two Years: How I Found My Words 

This is an inspirational blog post. Please read it. I hope that you enjoy.

she's a seeker

Recently, WordPress reminded me that it’s been two years since I started She’s A Seeker. This was my first ever post. I remember how terrified I was pressing ‘Publish’.

In that time, I’ve quit jobs, been broke, got another job, had my heart broken, moved cities and in with my parents, become a dog mumma, quit yet another job, left my dog (in very loving hands) and the country, to travel. Priorities have changed, my perspectives have completely shifted, and now I feel like the strongest, most authentic version of myself.

But, of course, that’s not quite the start of this story.

I began writing regularly in primary school. It was compulsory for us to keep a journal and depending on how many pages we wrote, we would enter a lucky dip for medals. These medals were tiny pieces of brass with catholic saints carved onto them. The most coveted…

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