A grounding weekend

Hello all,

On Friday morning I found that I was getting cranky too quickly, the slightest thing threw out my day and I was feeling disorganised and spacey.  So, I came home and went to what I have found, over the last year, really works on days like this.

First of all, I connected with nature by going to the beach.  I just stood at the shoreline for a bit and went for a short wander.

Then I made sure that I ate well.  I made some licorice root tea which has always helped to balance my blood sugar and help my adrenal glands (see adrenals and licorice).  I also had some salmon, avocado and Jalna Mediterranean Spread to get myself some good oils.

After lunch I sat down and read the paper with the sounds of the ocean washing over me (this can be done at the beach or it’s easy enough to find these sounds on the Internet).  For dinner, I got a bit creative (to add some creativity to an everyday activity) and made sure that I added things like paprika, cumin, curry spices, dandelion (really nice added to curry), red cabbage, beetroot, carrot and capsicum.  I then did some crocheting after dinner.

On Saturday I did some meditation, went to morning tea then the beach.  I did some writing, played scrabble then went back to the paper.

On Sunday I pretty much read the paper all day, except for a 20 minute walk along the esplanade.  I also made sure that I got and walked for a bit every hour.

On Monday, I grounded all of the weekend’s good work by doing some more meditation, for a few minutes longer this time, along with a few grounding and balancing yoga postures – I just touched my toes three times then did a warrior pose on each side followed by tree pose on each side (see Australian Yoga Journal).  I have also been making sure that I say my daily affirmations such as “I am safe”, “I am enough” “I am loved”.  I also took my lovely red beach towel down to the beach and had a packet of delicious Happy Snack Company Roasted Fava Beans in Red Pepper & Chilli flavour.

So, in essence, what works for me when I’m feeling out of sorts is connecting with nature, focusing on red, eating red and root vegetables and doing things such as playing scrabble, crocheting, reading the paper, meditating and some grounding yoga poses to help me feel safe, secure and grounded again.  Even just one afternoon or an hour doing things that help to make you feel safe, secure and grounded again as well as eating root vegetables and focusing on red should help a lot.

I hope that this helps and inspires in some way.

Stay safe and hang in there, you’ve got this.


The Beach - grounded


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