Being you

It does not matter what age, race, gender you are or if you are full body able or disabled, you will have a forte.  Your forte is that thing that when you are doing it, you lose all track of time and it does not feel like work.  Let go of everything you have been told about who you should be or what you should do, how you should look or how you should feel, of all who have wronged you in the past, of all that no longer serves you.  Give yourself permission to feel happiness and freedom within your soul.  Even if it will take a little while longer where you are, start now to build on you and who you are.  Build from the inside out, from that place of happiness within, give yourself permission to live and breathe your forte and to find a way to earn a living doing that.

What do you want to do, what do you like, what do you not like, who are you?  The only person who needs to know these answers is you.  Focus on the positives in your life.  What routines do you love?  What colours and styles suit you?  What flavours do you like?  Be honest and be you.  Love you.  Be your own best friend.  Then start to connect with those around you who resonate with your soul and your values.

The things I use stay me and expand on me are:-

  • A really good Saturday routine has worked for me. If all goes pear-shaped during the week, my Saturday will save me.  This generally involves reading the weekend paper over a cup of tea followed by a good clean of the house including fridge, bins and washing of floors.  Then at about five with a nice clean house, I like to put my phone on do not disturb, put on some nice music, pour a glass of wine and watch the sunset.  Then there is generally a lovely home cooked dinner with some comedy or an early movie (from about seven to about nine) then getting to bed at my usual time.
  • Today and yesterday, I looked into styles and colours that suit me and started to wear these. I even Googled all of the colours so that I wasn’t just going off my preconceived ideas of what those colours looked like.
  • Another thing I have done this week is more drawing, painting and writing so I have been getting a lot more creative. There is a great app which I always enjoy using called Brainsparker, which is great fun thing to do over a cup of tea.  I used to use this every now and then but have started using it daily.  It’s a very inspirational app.  Give it a go and see where it leads.
  • One more thing to do which I have found also helps is to watch the sunrise and sunset.

I hope that this helps and inspires in some way.

Stay safe and hang in there, you’ve got this.


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