Slow Fashion

On Saturday, I went to a great talk held by Brisbane City Council at a local library.  It was called “Slow Clothing as lived practice” and it was by Jane Milburn of Textile Beat.

Jane talked about the impact of the fashion industry, particularly the quick fashion industry, on people and the environment; everything from chemicals used, slave labour and encouraging clothes to be worn just for a few months only to be discarded.

Jane is trying to encourage people to think more like our Mums and Grandmothers when it comes to fashion – to sew, mend and when you do buy clothes to see what the Op Shop has first.

Her Slow Clothing Action Plan is:-

  1. Stop buying for a while.
  2. Study your style and needs.  Develop your own style.
  3. Sort your existing wardrobe.
  4. Seek responsible choices such as natural fibres, Op Shops, Australian Made.

There are some really good websites which to help with responsible shopping.  I have put a link below to one that I use regularly.  The one I use measures a company’s ethics, environmental impact and source of animal materials, if any.  They let you know if a company is great, good, have made a start or are really not a company you should buy from.

It was a brilliant, free and informative talk.

Below are links from this article as well as some stores I have found.  I have bought from both Bodypeace Bamboo and Bamboo Body and love both of these stores.  I have not tried Smitten Merino nor Graine Leather, although they both look like really good Australian made brands.

  1. Textile Beat;
  2. Brisbane City Council Library Events;
  3. Eventbrite;
  4. Good on You;
  5. Smitten Merino;
  6. Graine;
  7. Bamboo Body; and
  8. Body Peace.

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