Communicating my decision.

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The Reset Button

I had built a life in Perth. Friends so close they were hard to distinguish from family. Professional relationships that were beyond just colleagues, managers and clients. These people had helped me too conquer demons and scale mountains I could never have done alone. Some of them had spent the better part of a decade by my side, helping me and guiding me to reach this point.

And it was now time to tell them that in just  a few short months I would be leaving there side.

Communicating my decision was an incredibly anxiety inducing experience with countless restless nights overthinking how to tell people. Nausea at thought of how some might react. But without going through this I could not take my life where it needed to go

My best friend was the first to know, in no small part because he was integral part of my decision…

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It’s Been Two Years: How I Found My Words 

This is an inspirational blog post. Please read it. I hope that you enjoy.

she's a seeker

Recently, WordPress reminded me that it’s been two years since I started She’s A Seeker. This was my first ever post. I remember how terrified I was pressing ‘Publish’.

In that time, I’ve quit jobs, been broke, got another job, had my heart broken, moved cities and in with my parents, become a dog mumma, quit yet another job, left my dog (in very loving hands) and the country, to travel. Priorities have changed, my perspectives have completely shifted, and now I feel like the strongest, most authentic version of myself.

But, of course, that’s not quite the start of this story.

I began writing regularly in primary school. It was compulsory for us to keep a journal and depending on how many pages we wrote, we would enter a lucky dip for medals. These medals were tiny pieces of brass with catholic saints carved onto them. The most coveted…

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