Slow Fashion

On Saturday, I went to a great talk held by Brisbane City Council at a local library.  It was called "Slow Clothing as lived practice" and it was by Jane Milburn of Textile Beat. Jane talked about the impact of the fashion industry, particularly the quick fashion industry, on people and the environment; everything from chemicals used, …

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Gardens to the Rescue

On Friday, 17 March 2018 I went to the Brisbane Garden and Plant Expo at Doomben Race Course.  I had a great day.  I got up close and personal with some very tame cute lizards, a blue tongue and an eastern bearded dragon, as well as an adorable sugar glider who kept wandering onto my arm …

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Communicating my decision.

I love this post 🦋😊

The Reset Button

I had built a life in Perth. Friends so close they were hard to distinguish from family. Professional relationships that were beyond just colleagues, managers and clients. These people had helped me too conquer demons and scale mountains I could never have done alone. Some of them had spent the better part of a decade by my side, helping me and guiding me to reach this point.

And it was now time to tell them that in just  a few short months I would be leaving there side.

Communicating my decision was an incredibly anxiety inducing experience with countless restless nights overthinking how to tell people. Nausea at thought of how some might react. But without going through this I could not take my life where it needed to go

My best friend was the first to know, in no small part because he was integral part of my decision…

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